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Name:Evette Anspaugh
Birthdate:May 26
Location:New York, United States of America
Name: Evette Marie Anspaugh
Birthdate: May 26, 1988
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 25
Current Residence: New York City
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nicknames: Evie, Eve, Red
Distinguishing marks: strawberry birthmark on her left hip. She's planning on a tattoo, but she hasn't decided what or where, yet.
Family: Donald Anspaugh (father), Catherine Anspaugh (mother, deceased), Scott Anspaugh (brother, deceased), Louise LeBlanc (stepmother)
Occupation: Cocktail waitress and struggling musician
Hobbies: Writing music, playing the guitar, playing piano, performing, going out with friends, cooking, baking, baseball
Relationship status: Single
Evette, or Evie, and she's most often known to friends, is the second child of Donald and Catherine Anspaugh. She learned about death at an early age: cancer took her mother when Evette was only five, and it came back for her older brother before she'd turned eleven. Her father's relationship with her brother was strained, and Evie often found herself caught in the middle; torn between the two.

Her relationship with her father is good, but it could be better. After Scott's death, her father resigned his administrative position at County General Hospital and focused all his energy on taking care of her. He later returned to hospital administration after she was out of high school. Evie knows he's trying to keep her close because he's afraid of losing her like he lost Scott and their mother, but sometimes it feels like she's being smothered. But he's making an effort not to, and she appreciates that he's trying.

Scott's death also brought her own grief over losing her mother back to the surface. It was hard to talk about for a long time - often, it still is - because she didn't know how to explain what she was feeling. But her mother loved music and passed that love onto her children, and Evie found that she could put into music what she couldn't put into spoken words. And she's clung to it as an outlet for expressing herself, and as a connection to her mother and Scott. Her father isn't happy with her career choice, but he's trying to be supportive and the effort means a lot to her. He's recently remarried (the family housekeeper who took care of them for years after Catherine and then Scotty passed). Evie gets along with her stepmother, Louise practically raised her, but she's still not quite sure how she feels about her and her father, so she's working on being supportive, too.

She had both a roommate and a boyfriend when she lived in Chicago, but she came home early from a gig one night and caught them going at it on the living room couch. She kicked them both out -- minus their clothes. And yes, bought a new couch.

After a few years of playing a couple nights a week at O'Malley's in Chicago, where she also worked as a waitress, she moved to New York in the hopes of having better luck getting exposure for her music. She lives in a small studio apartment with her cat, Gibson, and works at Doogan's Bar on the West Side in Midtown, where she also plays two nights a week. She's been in New York for almost 2 years now and has a handful of regulars who come out to see her at Doogan's on the nights that she plays. She's still hoping for a music career, but she's considering other careers too (maybe something in medicine like her father, maybe some other field entirely) just in case it doesn't pan out.

[Other than her mother and brother being dead, Evie's canon on the show is pretty much a blank slate. (We only saw her once, as a child at Scotty's funeral, and it was implied that their mother had already been dead for a while by then.) Journal contents may include adult themes, don't read if you're underage. Muse and mun 21+.]
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